Final Project notes


Initial Ideas.

I would like here to present the way I came up with the final project. I actually I will end up with the final project ;)

This class opened my understanding that we can engineer biological systems in countless ways, and apply it in many areas. Process of crystallising the idea of a final project was hard because of those countless possibilities and on the other hand because I am still at the very beginning of understanding complex biological systems.

I believe also sometimes difficulties in making a decision is hard because of the nature of our brain, we don't like for some reason to subtract. This is according to the recent study (link), and this is my experience while thinking about the project... On biological level it is interesting why is that. What evolutionary benefits could this feature have.

My thought process was two fold. First I was thinking about different areas that I would like to addres.

1) Health. I was reading lately about brain, and neuroplasticity.


Second pathway was related to what techniques I learned during the class that were very exciting for me, and that I would like to explore more.

Interesting proteins

For this course I was anylysing Bet1 (nerve growth factor) and ApoE- gene which in some variants is closely associated with Alzhaimer.

I was thinking


Mental Health

One of the problems that we have in maintaining healthy and balanced life is related to variety of factors that can lower our commitment to healthy choices. It can happen on the variety of planes. We can be mall nutrition, had

Personally I find meditation and movement having a very good impact of my moods. But also I am aware that there

Some random: thoughts

  • Augumented sense ? New sense
    • What sense might we want?
    • What sense might be useful?
      • seeing the temperature (enabeling us to dedect who has a fever - indicator of infection)

  • Some kind of system promoting neural growth. Maybe by finding a way to introduce Bet1 (nerve growth factor).

  • Working on creating photosynthetic skin. Connecting chloroplasts with skin cells to enable extra energy source for humans.

  • Enhancing cellular regeneration of skin.
  • Enabeling humans to synthesize Vitami C (L-ascrobic acid)


Final Project

Short Description:



Synthetic or natural animal-free polymers such as:

cellulose (Huber et al., 2012; Hickey et al., 2018),

chitin/chitosan (Jayakumar et al., 2011),

alginate (Lee and Mooney, 2012),

recombinant silk (Widhe et al., 2010), PLA (Serra et al., 2013),

and PCL (Li et al., 2017) provide low cost,

consistent and tunable scaffold:s

Final Project Document

Plasmid Design


On biosensors

Electric E.coli:

Geobacter the electric microbe

Using Microbial Nanowires for Electricity Generation (from moist air)

Olfactory tract therapeutic

Muscle cells:


Rita Raman 1

Rita Raman 2

Resources and tools: