How to Grow Almost Anything

A spot for the class listeners to make their blogs

You can use ftp to access the storage. The password and username will be sent around on slack.

I'm presuming that we can all trust each other and the hassle of setting up multiple logins is outweighed by the simplicity of all using the same one. This means that we are all responsible for not breaking the server! (Actually, I can't think of any way you can break the server, but you can break other people's blogs if you don't follow just a couple simple rules.)

First, when you log on with ftp, you will see a folder that will soon have everyone's usernames. For instance, mine is "derekja". If this is your first time here, create a directory with the username that you want. Then navigate into that directory. You should only create content within your directory, and don't change content in anyone else's directory.

If I create a file in my directory called index.html, then you will access that file in a web browser by typing "https://htgaa.club/derekja/index.html" If you do so in your directory, you will do the same, but replacing "derekja" with your username. Actually, index.html is a special case, so you could actually just type "https://htgaa.club/derekja" and it would find that file. This is useful, because that is essentially your home page. Any other files you make you can link to from your home page.

If you want to add images, movies, etc. to your pages, just go ahead and save them in your directory (or in subdirectories). It is a good idea to keep all of the files that support an html page in the same directory as that page. And probably a good idea to use subdirectories so that you don't just have everything in one place to get all confusing.

Don't worry too much about the size of your files. We don't have an infinite amount of room, but I'll let folks know on slack if there is a problem. I would suggest that you include your email on your home page, that way if there is a file that seems super huge or is causing a problem then I can get ahold of you.